Friday, November 2, 2012

Can't hide anymore

I guess it's time to fess up and quit hiding from my blog.  You all have missed me right? 

Here's what's went down over the last many months.  I have lost no weight.  I've pretty much maintained, that's good right?  But, you know me, it's frustrating.  Upon the advice of my doctor and the encouragement of my brothers girlfriend, I signed up from Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago.  They have a special, so there's no sign up fee, but you have to sign up for 3 months up front, so it's $20/month basically.  Not too bad, that's like a gym membership.  I'm still sort of confused by the whole points process, I need to spend some time writing the points on certain things around my house and print out something for the kitchen so I can see, but I like the program to track everything I eat.

The first week I was given a ridiculous amount of points, I had 'told' it that I was nursing part time, which gave me all these extra points, I literally could not eat enough points in a day, so at the end of that week I had gained a pound and decided to edit it and tell it I was not nursing, which puts me in a more reasonable point amount.  So, where's the honesty in all of this?  Well, I don't keep track of everything.  We've had Halloween parties, birthday parties, etc and I FEEL like I did well, but if I was REALLY honest with myself, I only did okay with the eating.  Then I catch myself eating a cracker off my kids plate or grabbing a couple chips while I'm cooking dinner and then well, not writing that down.  So, yeah, I'm lying to myself, how dumb is this?  So, again, I hope to write points on some things so I can see it as I pick it up.

This is a hard time of year, as we all know, but I can have an excuse for every time of year.  And I'm not getting sleep again. For whatever reason my two year old has decided she's going to wake up at least twice a night to come into bed with me.  If I let her lay with me, it's miserable.  If I don't let her lay with me, she constantly gets up.  And even though we're 2 months into school, I still haven't gotten used to get up early enough to get all the kids ready to go out the door.  How do people do this?  What am I going to do next year when it's everyday??!!  EEK!

So, this is the month of Thankfulness, I will try to be thankful for things here and then elaborate.  I obviously make my facebook status what I'm thankful for (doesn't everyone?  you're not cool unless you do!).  The first day (yesterday) I said I was thankful for refinancing at 3% and I AM!  Plus, we have an FHA loan, which means IF we ever sold, any credit qualified buyers can take over the 3%, wouldn't that be amazing in like 10 years?  But I don't really want to move - have you seen my basement, that place is a pain to move?!?!  AND this dropped our payment another like $100 - yay and took a big amount off the life of our loan.  All great things, however, it did cost us $1000 more than we expected to do the closing.  The new mortgage company wanted a couple months buffer in our escrow we weren't prepared for..boooo!!  Which put us in a little bit of a bind, but I'm sure it'll work out, I'm just grateful for the 3%!  Today I said I was grateful for God's sense of humor.  He made us, humans, we fart and fall down and both of those things are hilarious.  It's true!

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