Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's try no 'pooing...

I probably shouldn't admit this, but let's be honest, I say A LOT of things I probably shouldn't.  But, I CANNOT be the only woman on Earth who gets like 5 really annoying, random hairs on my chin that are like coarse and disgusting and grow at random intervals and are never there at the same time and when you go to pluck them you can NEVER find them.  And when you pluck one, like 2 days later there's another one that's as long as your forearm.  How does this happen????

Here's something new.  I have decided to quit shampooing my hair, or as many people call it "No 'Pooing" and some of you probably think I'm doing it, just so I can say I'm not pooing, and as much as I LOVE saying it, it's not why I decided.  There are a few reasons.  Number one, I really do not like buying and paying for shampoo and conditioner, especially once I knew that all your doing it stripping your hair of it's natural oils and then putting some back in.  That doesn't even make sense.  It's like rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher (okay, it's not like that because I totally do that, but it might be like that for some people).  Or maybe it's like brushing your teeth before you get in the shower, just do it at the same time, geez (that's more like me).  So, upon reading this post written by a friend of a totally awesome friend, I thought interesting.  And, the idea of possibly getting back some of my curls is great too!  THEN, to be honest, which I try to always be, I only shampoo my hair twice a week as it is, MAYBE three times, if we're out of the house a lot.  I do love my hair, so whatever I can do to keep it healthy is good by me. 

The last time I used shamp/cond was last Wednesday, then on Sunday I rinsed my hair in the shower (other than that I just didn't get my hair wet when I showered) Then yesterday I actually "washed" my hair and it is GREAT!  Well, first, let me explain DO NOT make the baking soda/water mixture with cold water and then got into a hot shower and try to dump it on your head, that was really dumb.  But whatever, I did it.  I actually used 2 tablespoons of baking soda, versus 1 and I was sort of wanting a fizzy feeling or something, I guess we're all so used the "suds", but nothing really happened.  I "massaged" it into my scalp/hair.  Then rinsed, then did the 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1 cup of water (hot water from the shower this time) and dumped it on my hair, rinsed.  So, got out of the shower, combed through my hair and that was that.  My hair is actually really soft and not at all greasy and I made my best friend smell it, it doesnt' smell weird at all, it actually smelled sort of good.  So, hurray, week 1 a success!

I'm not by any means a "crunchy" mom, we buy LOTS of boxed foods, I drink a lot of soda and give my kid juice and koolaid, I don't think I even have anything "green" or even organic in my house.  And we only recycle aluminum, because they'll pay me for it, everything else goes in the trash, and I honestly feel no remorse for it.  My parents pretty much recycled everything, not because they cared about the environment, the only reason they recycled was because they refused to pay for trash pick up and so the recycled everything they could and burned what they couldn't.  Sounds reasonable to me.  One day I will get better, not for any other reason that I'm thrifty and if it'll help my kids in any way (body, mind, etc) I will gladly try it.  But, obviously, I'm slow to all things I do, so I will get around to it!

So, on a "healthy" note, I have officially decided to dump the soda at of January 1st.  Last year I started the diet, then some hot guy that lives with me and gave me a big ole rock like 8 1/2 years ago (okay, my husband) knocked me up (hurray!), so that came to an end after a poor showing of only 21 pounds in about 6 months.  But, whatever, I'm past it, next year is a brand new year with NO chances of getting pregnant!  My daughter was very colic, for about 5 months, it was pretty miserable, I honestly don't remember those 5 months much.  I drank 2 caffeinated sodas a day and then tried to stay off the caffeine as best as I could, but, I didn't sleep, so I really needed it.  So, I decided, what if by some freak chance Kiwi could possibly be addicted to caffeine or soda pre

You know, I kind of feel like writing about my dad, so I think I'll go do that.

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