Monday, November 14, 2011

Queen of Excuses

I keep telling myself, yes, out loud, that I'm going to start all these new amazing habits for myself and for my kids and even as a family.  And then I think, I should just wait until new baby gets here because they'll throw the entire schedule off.  Then I realize that's ridiculous it would be easier to start them now and adjust later.  Then I tell myself I'm going to get through this week or that week.  First I need to paint this room, then I have to paint another room (those rooms are done now), then I need to learn to sew curtains (no room has curtains in our house, sad), then I need to carpet clean the entire house, then it'll be like Christmas, which means baking (LOVE baking and love giving baked goods away), and other things that go with Christmas.  Then, basically, it's the new year and that means like 2 - 2 1/2 months until baby gets yeah...

I'm not really sure where the skill of procrastinating came from.  My mom was amazing, cleaning, cooking things from scratch, sewing outfits, curtains, pillows, quilting, canning, gardening, driving us everywhere, I mean she literally did it all.  And my dad has always been a motivated kind of guy, you sort of have to be to run a successful Construction business for years!  I was always told I never lived up to my potential so maybe procrastinating is me just not living up to my potential? 

Speaking of skills, I often think about what skills I do have.  I never finished college, I only went one year and I'm pretty sure I only passed half of the classes.  I would just like to disclaim that my English professor ( I was a journalism major) did NOT like me and she was the head of her department, I was screwed from the get-go.  And she didn't like me because the first paper we had to write we were given free reign on, and I wrote about how I hate being told what to write.  Apparently, she really likes telling people what to write.  Anyway, I graduated within the top 10% of my high school class, I have no idea how, I was not a fan of high school.  It was pretty torturous to me, the first two years, some kid made so much fun of me I cried every day.  The last two years, I finally found friends, but we sort of did stupid things, but I somehow managed to keep my grades up at least enough to get into the top 10%.  Honestly, my graduating class was not really known for our academics, we had the highest drop out rate in like 30 years.

So I think about what skills I bring to the plate.  First, I am AMAZING at changing the subject.  And not like my ADHD brother (said in love), I mean I can sense awkwardness and change the subject without people even realizing it happened.  I think that's a skill.  I am also really good at coming up with these ridiculous house/room painting projects  that take way longer than I ever imagined, but look really awesome when I'm done.  I have amazing typing skills, although not 100% accurate I can type at about 95% accuracy and about 80+ WPM.  I'm pretty sure I have baking skills, even though I don't practice them often, simply because then I eat it (and Jeremy doesn't like having all those sweets around), I do really love it and think I'm pretty good at it.   I have this amazing skill of nervous jokes, I tend to talk a lot and make jokes out of everything when I'm nervous (and often when I'm not).  Sometimes they are funny, sometimes not so much.  Oh, probably one of my greatest skill is how awesome I am at being passive-aggressive.  Now, this skill I have had to not use often, because it's so good, I mean like I'm a passive aggressive ninja.  Right now, those are the non paying skills I have.  Well, technically, all my skills are non paying, even the ones I'm not so good at :)

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