Friday, December 16, 2011

Update on no 'pooing and whatever else I feel like talking about

I don't know if I'm at like 2 weeks or week 3.  But it seems like I'm still a little bit in the transition period of this 'no pooing'.  The first week didn't bother me at all.  Now it's this weird combination of 'is my hair greasy or dry'.  One minute it'll feel a little greasy the next it has soooo many fly aways and looks very dried out!  My hair is pulled back most of the time, and when it's down I can usually work it out so it doesn't look ridiculous.  I have used a little product on it, not shampoo or conditioner, but usually a little smoothing serum and I did spray it with leave in conditioner last week sometime and a few nights ago I used "curl booster", but nothing crazy, I've never used a lot of product in my hair, well once I got out of high school when aqua net was one of my best friends.  I definitely am still about this and am sticking with it.  My hair has definitely gotten some curl back.  I decided to go get a trim last night, it's been 6 months or so and the girl even noticed it was dried out.  She had no clue that I don't use shampoo/conditioner, so that's good!  Weird, that it's dried out, I was definitely expecting it to be greasy.  I don't know if it's the weather or my method, but I can fix dried out easier than greasy, so I'm going with it.

Here's a few things I have learned.  First, I really only "wash" every 5 days, this works for me, at least for the first few weeks.  I would recommend to REALLY try to last 5 days and just push through the transition period.  I still have the urge occasionally to shampoo/condition my hair, simply because of the lathering, the routine, the habit (more about habits at some point), but I'm excited to see how my hair will be in a few months, so I resist.  If you're trying to get body back in your hair:  There was a time months ago where I would only brush my hair before the shower, because I thought it helped with my curls.  Only to realize that when I had to brush it again in a few days I was ripping my hair out of my head, no matter how careful I was being.  So...if you're wanting your hair to get some natural wave/curl back I wouldn't recommend not combing your hair, instead just avoid putting it in a pony tail until it's totally dry.  And since I stay at home, pretty much all the time, my hair is always in a pony tail, it's hard to not do it, but I've been resisting.   And it's especially been hard not to considering this transition period, but I'm sticking it out..  Secondly (okay I realize that everything I said under "first" does not go together, I've never claimed to be a grammar specialist/or whatever), keep your mouth closed really tight when putting this stuff in your hair.  It's obviously going to be very runny, it's well a cup of water really.  As far as I tip my head back (and yes, I do currently have a double back neck, that really cute roll of fat in the back of my neck that when I throw my head back in laughter - or to wash it - shows up, and probably inhibits how far back my head will actually go, whatever) I still tend to get a little bit of stuff on my face and you'll taste it.  It's not exactly yummy.  Thirdly, DO NOT shave your legs BEFORE you do this.  The water/vinegar mixture will run down your freshly shaven legs and it will burn, badly!  So, just wait to shave until after you've washed.  I also wash my body last, just in case there's any smell of vinegar.  I have not noticed any greasy smell or dirty smell in my hair , my hair actually smells pleasant but I do plan on getting some essential oil and I've had my husband smell it multiple times and no vinegar smell either.  When I actually take the time to edit my photos (thanks Pinterest - I'm a new member) I will post pictures of my hair.  I think I should have one from each week.

I was at dinner Monday night with some ladies from church, it was a great night really.  And mentioned something about not shampooing anymore, which most people just ask about, no judgement.  My hair doesn't stink or look gross by any means.  But when I came home and told my husband that the subject came up he said "you probably shouldn't advertise that."  Does he know me at all???!!  I have no issues being an open book to my life, past, present or future.  I'm not ashamed of anything I've done in the past or choose to do now, I'm human!  I think what he was REALLY saying was "people already think you're weird, why give them anymore ammunition?"  And, well, that's probably true.

One of the biggest desires of my heart is to NEVER let a person in front of me at the grocery store pay for their groceries, or the person behind me in the drive thruchapstick my aunt makes, to buy like 100 from her and walk around with them and just randomly hand them out to people (obviously this will help my aunt too), to make the phone calls I say I will make, to open my doors when another mom needs a day out or a date with their husband, or any of those things.  To quit always talking about myself and actually start listening to people and asking questions.

At one point I thought how amazing it would be to collect the stories of my congregation at my church and make a book about it.  When someone had a prayer request, a need, a struggle, then we'd know who to send them through, someone who's been through the same thing.  Or just to be a book that will encourage someone that's going through anything at all.

That's it for today!  Yes, random, with no purpose, my English teacher would have NEVER accepted this paper :)

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