Monday, June 27, 2011

More Nonsense

I thought only gaining 2 pounds back after doing NOTHING for a month would motivate me to start doing something, that is not correct, I haven't done anything.  Every week I think I'm going to start and I never do.  And I actually thought the looming "Labor Day Float" which I really really really hope we get to do this year would also help me.  So far, no go!  It's weird to think about what WILL actually motivate me, what is it going to take?

I caught my 3 year old biting his nails, which I bite my nails and I immediately became very self conscious of biting my nail and it's getting better.  Will it take one of my kids being obese for me to work on it?   Which I honestly don't even want to think about!!!!!  My kids are so active, Isaac is a great eater and Zoe is picky (we work on it), so I want to keep them active and eating better than I do/did!!

I've taken my kids to eat at school twice in the last couple weeks.  They offer free lunches for kinds 18 and under.  The first time was chicken strips, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit cocktail, cookie, and milk or juice.  Honestly I wouldn't eat it, it was not appealing at all.  Today, cheeseburgers, cold french fries, peaches in syrup, cookie, and milk or juice.  I ate a cheeseburger...couldn't stomach anything else.  It was so gross!!    That's all I'm going to say about that, until I can get myself to a better health place, I cannot judge anyone Else's choices.

Right now I'm sitting here thinking about working out, I need to, I want to, sort of!  I do know I feel better when I work out and I can get more done around the house when I do, I'm more patient with my children, and just happier in general.  The thought of getting off the couch, putting on work out clothes, fighting Isaac to get out the door, just makes me sit here longer.  No work out video I have sounds like something I want to do.  Jogging sounds great, but I know it'll be a pathetic attempt, and I will have to fight Isaac to get out the door!

Maybe someone out there could tell me how amazing they felt after they lost weight!  Or something...I don't know.

I hear about momentum!  I need that, I just need to drop like a pound this week and keep that momentum for the next 8 - 10 weeks.  I also read an article about finding a belt that fits you on the first notch, that way you'll be able to tell if you're losing weight, gaining weight, or staying the same.  I actually did this a long time ago.  I bought a belt, an embarrassing size that fit on the first notch, I'm now and have been on the 3 notch for a LONG time.  I was on the first notch for so long that that part of the belt actually fell off the other day.  Some days, depending on the pants I'm wearing and where they sit on my waist/hips depends on whether it's on the second or third notch.  So that's a good thing to have around.

Last night when I sat down to eat, I pulled out a Party Pizza, which I normally LOVE LOVE!!   Um, it was so gross to me that I barely ate half of it.  Which then I thought "oh, I didn't eat 'all my dinner'" and then I ate other stuff, stupid stupid stupid! 

Well, I think it's time to lay Isaac down with a movie so I can do something!

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