Sunday, July 24, 2011


I will admit that I am not the best eater in the world.  I like veggies, but I don't love veggies and I don't have a big array that I do like.  I'd love to like (haha) squash of any kind, asparagus, but I like the 'normal' stuff.  Beans (are those a veggie?), sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, potatoes, sugar snap peas (not real peas), things of that nature.   We did plant a garden this year, but the weeds are out of control, because we didnt' take care of them BEFORE we planted and as hot as the weather has been, it's been rough.  Anyway, a couple weeks ago my husband and I decided to do a veggie diet just for the week.  Years ago I did this, but I kept it to raw veggies as much as possible, and I lost 10 pounds in that week.  We did it this time, I even did veggie pizza and had rice or a whole wheat wrap with eggs a couple times, and I still lost 3.8 pounds.  Hurray!  I'm now down to 21 pounds lost, which is okay (I won't beat myself up right now on what 'could' have been or 'should' have been).  This is good also because I had put on a few pounds since May.  Also, I did the 3.8 pounds without doing any exercising, there just wasn't any time.  I was SUPER busy and like I've always said there is something to keeping busy.  Plus, just WALKING outside I'd sweat like I had just ran a mile.  Anyway, this week, I kept it off, there wasn't really any dieting and no working out.  I think this blog may take a different turn for a while.  Not because I've given up, I've given up pretty much my entire life, so I have to "break the cycle" somehow, someway, but because I have many other things I'd like to talk about also.

I'm thinking in two weeks, I'm going to go the veggies thing again, but for two weeks.  Also going to do some research on vitamins I think.  Who knows, again, I'm always full of great ideas, not just great follow through.

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