Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A new direction

Well, I haven't written in quite a few weeks, probably over a month, because well, I'm having another baby!!  So, there's not a lot of losing weight going on right now.... 

I keep telling myself I'll take this blog in a different direction for now, I'm a funny person I have good stuff to write about, but I can't seem to get motivated to do so.  Be it the nausea, actual vomiting, or the "I'm so tired I can't lift my hands" I cannot seem to get anything on paper.  (Should we really use that line anymore?)  It's not unlike me to go through ups and downs with the writing thing.  10 years ago?  I wrote everyday all day long...

At night I'll lay down and think of all these hilarious things to write about.  I say some pretty awesome one liners throughout the day (when I'm given adults to talk to), and I have so many funny stories from childhood onto now.   But I sit here, yawning every 3 words, knowing nothing is going to come out worth anyone's time to read!!

I do have stuff to say that's not funny, and some stuff that some people won't even want to read about.  For example, the thought of having another c section makes me throw up in my throat a little bit.  The first one was great, I had pushed for 12 hours, so by the time they put me on the table for a c section I wanted the kid out, be it through my nose, I wanted him out!  I am one of the lucky like 5% that get "pregnancy shakes" and "labor vomiting", yeah, as soon as I get to the hospital I start shaking and as soon as they put the IV in me I start vomiting.  High Five for that!  So there's always that to look forward to.  With my second pregnancy, I was in labor at church (the entire time, writing down how close my contractions were, breathing through them) and not a soul knew.  By the time we got in the car and drove home (I was driving) they were about 7 - 8 minutes apart.  Yes, even though I have to have a c section, I still went through hours of labor..awesome...  They had me walk from the triage room to the OR room and I was pretty sure I could have pushed Zoe out in the hall way on my way there I was so dialated and the contractions were about 2 - 3 minutes apart.  But to no avail I was given a spinal block and laid back on the table where I threw up so many time the anestialogist (SP??) threatened to intibate me (yes, awake)... And then couldn't even hold my daughter for almost 3 hours because I was shaking so bad.  Yeah, I have great labor and delivery stories, makes you want to have a kid doesn't it??  And, btw, I read like a million (yes a million) pregnancy books during my first pregnancy, I watched all those "my child was born (fill in the blank with something horrific", I was "special deliver" and "bring baby home", etc, etc, NOT ONE told me about pregnancy shakes and vomiting....NOT ONE! I seriously need to write a book called "If you want to have a baby you probably shouldn't read this book"....I'm pretty sure it would be a best seller...  And don't even get me started on the first trimester...  Yes, I'd do it over and over again for my children (obviously) but just nothing prepares you, especially since every pregnancy, every woman and every baby are different.

So this pregnancy loads and loads of prayers are specifically for the labor and delivery alone.  I don't mind the going into labor part even though I'm having a c section, I sort of want my baby to pick their own birthday.  I just have high hopes for no shaking, no vomiting and being able to hold my baby ASAP!  The one thing I do look forward to is the 4 - 5 days at the hospital.  I know so many moms who were dying to get back home to their other children, their routine, etc.  Not me, I like being there.  People bring me pain medicine, take the baby so I can sleep, I order my food off of a touch screen and since I breastfeed I can have as many calories as I'd like, they change my bed, and with Isaac one nurses aid even gave me a massage..yeah I like the 4 - 5 days in the hospital.  However, there's not as many visitors with the second one as with the first one, which can be a little bit boring....oh well..

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