Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pickles and Beef

For being someone who very much enjoys writing, I really hate titles.  I mean, does everything have to have a label.  Okay, I know a label and a title are totally different, but whatever, let me be dramatic!

In my last post I talked about scaring people out of pregnancy, well, I'm not going to do that anymore!  I realized that it's not fair, it might be facts, but it's not fair.  This is my last pregnancy and upon the continued advice from some friends at church my husband purchased the book "Supernatural Pregnancy" and well, I'm half way through and it's amazing!  Of course, I'm not talking about NATURAL pregnancy, to me that's insane, but supernatural is totally something I can wrap my faith around.  Even if I didn't have to have a csection I like 99.99999% sure I'd probably still want the drugs.  And that's okay, that doesn't make me weak or less of a Christian, it just makes me a big baby, and I'm totally fine with that!  However, I have started compiling a list of all the things I am believing for during pregnant, during delivery, in the hospital and even at home for Kiwi (baby's nickname).  I'm pretty stoked that this delivery is not going to be ridiculous like the other two where!

Continuing on, the other night I mentioned I wanted a candy bar.  Jeremy jumped up and asked me what I wanted, I told him either Twix, Snickers or Caramelo, King Size!  He came home with all three, they are gone and now I want beef!  Like a philly cheese steak from Subway, totally dying for one, I've never had one, but it sort of seems like a priority.  I like can't stop thinking about it, and just now thought of pickles and I think I shall have some of those!  (While still thinking about the beef of course!)  Last week I crashed my best friend's family's dinner and had some amazing steak and if I thought there was still some left I'd go into their fridge and take it, I'm allowed, I promise!

(Excuse me while my eyes twitch because that pickle was soft...soft pickles are disgusting!)

Funny how one of the things I'm "believing" for is to not gain anymore than 20 pounds this pregnancy.  For some that seems just silly.  First, I do not think that pregnancy is just about doing nothing and eating whatever you want.  For me, personally, I can't do a lot of physical activities ( I could walk, I'm not currently, but I have plans to), I tend to get wore out really quickly even at the beginning.  Secondly, I think you can eat whatever you want, in moderation, as all things.  I get that some ladies have to snack a lot because of nausea and what not, so I'm not judging.  Finally, I gained 37 with Isaac (which I thought was really good because 45 pounds FELL OFF like 4 weeks after he was born it was awesome).  Then I only gained 15 pounds with Zoe and exclusively breastfed her (not Isaac) and thought to myself "This is gonna be a cake walk, this measly 15 pounds is gonna melt off in like a week and then it's gonna be so easy to keep losing it."  Boy, that was silly!  Not only did I NEVER lose the 15 pounds, I gained like 10 more!!!  So, a 20 pounds pregnancy gain is totally feasible for me.  But candy bars, pickles and beef are probably not the way to go about this.  Oh well, I've only gained 3 - 5 pounds, I'm like 17 or 18 weeks, and I see the doctor tomorrow so we'll see how I've done this few weeks!

Right now I am still SUPER excited about not knowing the gender of the baby!  It'll make delivery so special.  However, we can NOT agree on names.  Luckily we don't HAVE to name the baby until we leave the hospital.

The names I like:
Ezekiel Stephen (Zeke)
Callia Marie

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