Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lists, I love them

I absolutely love lists, I love making them, reading them and checking things off of them (did I already cover this area before?).  It's actually the checking things off that excites me most.  As a kid, we'd get off the school bus (that my mom drove) and she'd have a list of things there for us to do.  Now, me and my brother Travis would pick the easiest things and wait until about 10 minutes before her or my dad got home and sort of do them...sort of!  My sister would always end up with the hardest chore and she'd do it right away and then sit down to do her homework!  But my mom made lists, all the time! 

I also make lists all the time!  Lists of phone calls I need to make, lists of chores I need to do, lists of names I like, lists of things I want to buy but can't afford right now, lists of home improvements I want, lists of things I want my dad to build me..... lots of lists.  I try to use up one notebook before I start a new one, but sometimes that doesn't happen.  I'm a notebook freak as it is.  I have probably 3 or 4 boxes of journals, poems, notebooks, diaries and calendars from years pasts, they are pretty hilarious to read and I've thought a lot about sharing some of the terrible poems I've written as a pre teen and teenager and some of the journal entries.  Do you know I LIED to myself in my OWN journal?   Who does that?!?!?!  Anyway, I really wanted to be cooler than I was.....  But luckily I grew up to be 100% awesome, so it didn't really matter how cool I was in middle school/high school now did it??

So, I made a list about 2 weeks ago of the stuff I need to do before baby gets here.  Now, my husband likes to "make suggestions" for this list, and he thinks he's very good about being nonchalant about it, but he doesn't fool me, that's why we're married :)  But I add those things and they get a cute little question mark, which means, I don't really care if I get to it, but it's on the list...SEE it's on the list!   My aunt and I were talking today and had the funniest conversation about list.  She said her church had a guest speaker and he asks about making list.  THEN he said what I thought was my own little secret and apparently it's not!  He asked who ADDS things to their list AFTER they do it, just so they can mark it off??!! I totally did that yesterday!!  I thought I was the only crazy person who did such a thing, but apparently, I'm more normal that I think.  I scrubbed down our kitchen chairs...which Zoe is probably the most disgusting eater on the planet, so they really needed it, and it wasn't on my list, it should have been but it wasn't.  So, I added it, and proudly scratched through it (ONLY one line, I have to be able to read what it was I accomplished, there's NO scribbling on the list.)

Then, I realized that if for some reason my list gets messy, like I've started added bullets in the margins or it got doodled on by one of the kids, I have to rewrite it.  And I won't leave off the stuff I already accomplished, I will keep those on there and scratch through them!  And there's no numbering on the list, just because "sand and re stain the bar" is on the 4th line DOES NOT mean, it's number 4 on my list, and it does have a question mark behind it, so it's really no where near the top.  There is no order to the list, things get done in whatever order I feel like.   Numbering the list would probably throw my brain into complete chaos.  I don't like being told what to do, especially by some silly piece of paper that I myself wrote on.  Now, somethings make sense to do before other things, duh!  Like, I need to organize the linen closet before I can organize the laundry room.

Here's something silly I've come across.  I have about 7 1/2 weeks until my scheduled time to have this baby.  It is my hearts desire to keep this date, so I'm going to continue to believe it, but I will also be somewhat realistic with my birthing history and realize that this baby COULD come in 5 1/2 weeks, that's WAY sooner than 7 1/2 weeks.... So, I keep having these moments of "well, if I do THIS then I just have to do it AGAIN before the baby gets here."  How lame is that?!?!  Like wiping down doors and walls and light plates, I KNOW I will have to do this again before baby gets here, my children are dirty little humans, I wait until it gets closer and then possibly not have enough time...or do I do it now and risk having to do it again?!?!  What a silly silly pickle!

I also have a few "sewing" things on my list, I don't exactly know how to sew.  I did sew about 5 inches of something the other day and now can't get the machine re threaded and when I thought I did it still wouldn't feed the fabric I dont' know if those are fair things to have on the list, I can't exactly do them, but I want to....  I'm probably more forgiving on this list thing than I should be....

So, in conclusion, I love list.  I absolutely love them.  I'd love to post my entire list, but that would probably bore people, you don't want to know my list of chores do you?! 

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