Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year 2012

I guess I need to address the New Year.  Last year, obviously, I talked about my new journey to loss weight and just be healthier.  I gave myself a little over 5 months to loss 60 pounds (or as close to it as possible).  I fell very short of this goal BUT I did loss weight and that's the main point.   And had I not gotten pregnant I'm very confident I would have reached it at least by the end of the this last year.  However, now I'm pregnant, which I'm so happy about.  Last baby, last time putting my body through this, I know that sounds negative, but I don't really know what else to say about it.  I mean, my belly is being stretched to it's max, all my organs are being squished and kicked, my ciatic nerve freaks out on me, making my left leg go numb well pretty much whenever it wants, those sort of things.  Once I have this last baby I won't have to do that stuff again.  My doctor will only "allow" me to have one more csection (after this one), so IF a day comes that my sister would need a surogate we can bypass the tube tying and I can still help her out.  It's honestly the only way I'd have another baby after this one!

I have some ideas for goals for 2012.  With two little kids and a baby coming in March, I have to be a litttle liberal with myself as far as these goals go.  I can't expect to be able to do everything!  So I'm going to try to be optomistic but also keep a grasp on reality.

Having a csection means no exercising after baby for 8 - 10 weeks, and this time I really feel like I need to follow the doctors instructions.  I didn't exercise for a while after Zoe, well because she cried for 5 months straight, so there was no time, literally.  But I was told not to lift my son for 6 weeks, which I did, I was told not to drive for 2 weeks, lift laundry baskets for at least 2 weeks, climb stairs for at least 2 weeks and I did all of those pretty much a day or two after I got home from the hospital.  My step sons birthday was the day we got home from the hospital and between feedings (every 40 minutes) I made a huge pot of chili for his birthday, so yeah I wasn't very good at this listening to the doctor thing.  This time, I feel like, being my last time, I need to rest and take it easy and listen to the doctor so my body will heal REALLY well so I can put my body back in order.  I honestly think that my lack of listening is partially what caused my belly to be sooo bloated for a long time after Zoe and made it so much harder to loss the weight.   So, I think I need to take his advice seriously this time and really give my body the time to heal.  So that's sort of a goal, also I've gained 14 pounds so far, I have about 10 weeks left, I only want to gain 20 pounds, so.... gotta keep that in check!

Also, tomorrow is my last day drinking soda.  It just seems to be the right time for this.  I mean what if Zoe's colic was related to it?  I know it sounds far fetched, but it could be true.  And I cant' allow myself "one" soda a day, it just doesn't work for me.  It's like a smoker saying they'll only smoke one cigarette, eventually it'll become two, then more and more and more!  At least that's what happens with me.  I quit smoking cold turkey 7 1/2 years ago, so I'm just gonna quit cold turkey and move on.  It doesnt' mean I won't drink caffeine, as I'm planning on making tea and I do drink a cup of coffee here and there (drowned in creamer and sugar).   I just have to get rid of the soda, it's become gross to me, (although delicious), it's the habit that's gross, not the taste.

I also would like to get my little ones on a routine.  We have no routine, not AT ALL!  They go to bed whenever they want, sometimes 10/11 at night and then wake up whenever they want 9/10 the next morning.  Which, I do love the sleeping in, but there's no sleeping in after baby gets here.   And I'll need the other two in bed at a decent time so we can work on baby getting a night time routine.  So, we'll be working on that.  In the routine I'd like to incorporate some "school" stuff for Isaac.  He's so smart, well, they both are, so I'd like to get him better on his letters, numbers, ect, so when he does go to pre-school, hopefully next Fall, he doesn't feel like he can't do the same stuff as other kids who've been in pre-school.  He's so competitive, he'd lose it if someone could do it better than him. 

Also, I'd like to switch to mostly homemade cleaning products.  I do love my Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen spray!  So that might have to stay and I'm not doing it because I'm green or am worried about what my kids are being exposed to (even though I sort of am) the real reason is, I'm cheap!  And we're a single income family, so any dollar I can save, honestly the better!!!  I've actually started working on getting the "recipes" written out so I can put them in a recipe book and have them available (without opening my computer which always distracts me and then nothing gets done). 

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