Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pinterest Cleaning Part 1

Pinterest is great, I don't care what anyone has to say about it.  I love it.  I have learned so much already.  Yes, I can google things but it's so great to get other people's opinions at the same time and sometimes from people I really trust, which I do not trust Google.

So, I have tried a couple recipes I found on there, Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread, which was DELICIOUS!  Super involved but delicious.  I also did a crock pot mac n cheese, it was pretty good.  A few days ago I tried the "Yellow Armpit Stain Remover" and with a little bit more effort than I hoped, it did help.  The shirt was not 100% white when done, but was a noticeable difference.  And these stains have been around for a while, so maybe if I had this a few months ago it would have worked perfectly.  AND my hydrogen peroxide was probably expired, so maybe if I had fresher stuff things would have worked more efficiently with less effort, so I will be using that one again.

Today, I tried the "Miracle Microfiber Cleaning Solution", which is basically spraying rubbing alcohol on it, scrubbing and that's well, about it.  I was a little skeptical at first, my couches and recliner are disgusting.  I had a manufacturer's warranty on them, including cleaning but I'm pretty sure it's expired and the cleaning stuff they sent me never worked, ever.  So I had pretty much given up.  And my carpet cleaner had an attachment, it claimed for furniture, but as the posting says water on microfiber, especially a lot of water is not a great idea, it can actually make a water mark.  So glad I didn't try that... 

So, I found all the rubbing alcohol we had and it wasn't much honestly, so I knew I'd only be able to do a small portion of something.  I picked the grossest part I could find.  Which, was our recliner.  Jeremy and I fight over it.  I think I actually bought it for him when I was a Sonic GM years ago but I love that chair.  I spent HOURS in it when I was nursing Zoe and will probably spend hours in it again with Kiwi.  I couldn't even begin to tell you the crap that is on this chair:

If I had to guess I would say soda, milk, water, tea, juice, possibly a little pee (not from me or Jeremy, duh), breast milk, who knows.  It's disgusting though, right?  I mean, how does it even get that bad (well mostly because I never clean it up as soon as I see it...).  So, I sprayed and wiped, well scrubbed and then did it again and probably a third time.  It was quite a bit of scrubbing but honestly after seeing the results it was so worth it...  I only had enough alcohol to do this front part of the seat as you can see right here, I was actually sad when I ran out, however the room did smell like rubbing alcohol for a while after that (you really have to saturate the fabric).  But the small spot I did resulted in THIS from my white cloth (HAS to be white):

That, my friend, is disgusting, for the small area I did!  Ewwwww!!  It even soaked through to the other side... 

Then, a few hours later, while I let it dry, which is actually dries pretty quickly, it's rubbing alcohol, it's the best part of it.  I actually did the yearly "file swap", which is such a long, drawn out process, but totally necessary and now I just have this huge piles of paperwork to shred, but I'm also glad it's done, it's one of my least favorite chores.  So, after a few hours, I looked over at my chair and was honestly shocked:

Can you believe it?  I'm cleaning my entire microfiber furniture as soon as I get some more rubbing alcohol.  Now I'm totally excited about doing more fun things I've learned on Pinterest.  I'm actually planning on making the homemade laundry detergent tomorrow and the homemade dryer sheets also.  (Which means I get to try to sew...haha).

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