Monday, April 4, 2011

Title = Oops

Yeah, not feeling the title today.  This sort of happens after I have a bad weigh in week, I'm really down on myself, I'm not working out to my fullest abilities, I'm making a million excuses not to work out.  I actually spent the day cleaning, sending non personal emails, making non personal phone calls, pretty much my least favorite things to do.  And I actually have a list of things in my head to do tomorrow, basically to avoid working out.  My food choices are fair...if not poor. 

UGH, I really don't like when I get like this.  I try to get myself all pumped up after a bad week, thinking that I'll prove something to myself (and others) next week and instead I completely sabotage myself.  It's kind of like someone who's been abused as a kid and they marry an abuser.  Yes, I know it's sort of a long off analogy but just think about it...  maybe it's irrational but it feels like that right now.  A vicious cycle of food ridiculousness.

And, I thought I had all the motivation in the world, BSMF and my 31st Birthday.  Part of the discouragement is that I should be at TWICE what I've lost and I'm going to be doing this the entire summer, if not longer!!   So, I'm going to quit whining now and move on I guess.  I sort of want to continue my pity party...

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