Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 13 Weigh In

As you can probably guess from my roller coaster of weeks, this was not a great one.  I lost 1/2 a pound (.4 to be exact).  It is insanely frustrating.  I did measure myself and I do that before I weigh in to sort of gauge what my weigh in will be and after I measured myself I thought I was going to drop about 2 pounds, nope!  The measurements were pretty good, a whole inch off my waist and some quarter and half inches off other areas, so I guess that's good right?  Well, it doesn't feel good that's for sure!!!!  I'm not gonna get to wear any of my cool clothes anytime soon if I don't work this out!!  I mean, it's sort of now beginning to feel like spring, my favorite season, and I really thought I'd be farther along in this process. 

I kind of wish I could say "April Fools" but, alas, it's true, it was only .4 pounds!  I did not get two work outs in yesterday and I did not drink a bunch of water which I normally do on Thursdays, especially throughout the afternoon, so I guess lesson learned in that arena.  I feel like my food was good, I did not count calories, I just can't get it together in that department.  I guess if I REALLY wanted this to go my way, all the time, without question I would count every single calorie I put in my mouth.  Maybe I just don't want it bad enough?  Or, I just like to whine?  Or I'm just self defeating?  Or maybe I set my own self up for failure?  Who knows, I'm sure many people would have many theories if they read my rants and raves, but my theory?  It's just plain annoying to count calories and I have enough annoyance in my life :)

35 days until my birthday, 28 until BSMF!  Next week, is recovery week, I already added exercises to the week because I'm so worried about not burning enough calories.  But I'm not sure I could even explain in words how excited I am that I do not have to do Plyometrics next week!!!

On a side note, I did get a baby to watch part time, starting in 2 weeks, that's awesome!  And it'll force me to get up early before she gets here to do at least one of the work outs!!

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