Thursday, February 17, 2011

Super Day - Weigh in Tomorrow

So, today was a good day!  It was really busy, but I got to go for a walk/jog before lunch.  I did the 5K we mapped out in our subdivision.  It is crazy hilly.  As I was headed out to jog I almost headed just down our road, but quickly turned around when I realized that if I went that way, as soon as I got back to my driveway I'd just go home.  And it's really not that long of a jog.  So I immediately turned around when I realized this and headed the other way.  I did some jogging, not a lot but some.  And I tried to conquer that hill again, jog up the entire thing, but it did not happen.  I even stood at the bottom and spoke to my hill.  Neighbors probably thought I was crazy but they probably already did if they heard me screaming and cursing my septic tank the day before.  (That was not a pretty moment, but my amazing husband fixed it with only $20 in parts - woohoo - normally would have cost us about $250).

So, the jog felt amazing.  I have plans to do it again in the morning before I weigh in.  I know it'll be colder tomorrow, but I'm so happy just to be outside and not see my own breath.  The weather is not sticking, it seems like we're going to have more cold weather.  Oh and on the food part today I actually did amazing.  I came in well below what I was planning on hitting today.  And I felt full all day, so that works I guess.  I kind of want to eat right now, maybe an apple or a few carrots but I'll say no.

So, what made today - SSUUUUPPPPEEEERR!!  I came home from my jog and as I was coming around the corner I saw the UPS man and I said to myself, I hope that was for me.  And it was!  I won a Sony Blu-Ray DVD stereo system, 2 Blu-Ray movies, 4 movie passes, 4 free popcorns and sodas, a t-shirt, a photo album, a santa hat, I think that's it.  About $350 worth of stuff!!  How amazing is that?!?!?!  I had gotten an email like 2 months ago that I won and I kind of thought it was a scam, I really don't remember entering this particular sweepstakes, so I was hopeful but I knew if it never showed up I would be fine.  Funny thing, my husband bought almost this exact same thing about 8 months ago!  So, I'm going to sell it on Craigslist and pocket some cash!!  We're keeping the DVD's and other small stuff.  Anyway, I'm so excited!!

Tomorrow is my 7 week weigh in, I'll be glad if I don't gain weight. I had pizza at the beginning of the week and didn't get to work out at least 2 days this week.  I did good Tues - Thursday but that doesn't make weight loss, that just means my head is slowly getting back on straight.

We have Revival at church this weekend and I was sooooo excited to go!  Definitely need a touch, but I'll be home all weekend.  Jeremy is Pastoral Usher so he's definitely needed there to help out and I have no babysitter, it would be really weird hours to ask someone to babysit anyway.  I got Isaac some stuff to paint and I'm going to hit up some garage sales Saturday so it'll be a good weekend!

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