Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 5 Weigh In

Yes, I'm a little late on posting my Week 5 Weigh In Results, but I'm trying to stay busy.  I keep hoping that the more I work out or the more weight I lose, I'll get more energy, but that hasn't quite happened yet.  Sometimes I will get a burst of energy but I want energy all the time. 

The results are... I lost 2 more pounds! That's 12 pounds total.  I am now at my pre-second baby weight.  I still have quite a few to go to get to my pre-first baby weight.  But I feel great about the 12 pounds, awesome actually.  I think this week I'm going to do P90x for the week.  I did it Thursday and Friday and was so incredibly sore, the good sore.  So today I did yoga.  Not the P90x yoga because it was 1 1/2 hours long and I did not have that kind of time, but I did a 45 minute one and it felt amazing.

I did realize today that it was about this time 9 years ago that I started my first major weight loss journey.  I lost 65 pounds in 2 months - yup that's insanely unhealthy.  It was Lent, I was not a practicing Catholic but I grew up Catholic and it just seemed like an opportunity to do something for myself.  I was newly single and had moved back closer to my family and best friend, who had lost a bunch of weight and looked amazing.  So, for Lent I gave up salt and sugar.  Now, I don't really remember much of this period of my life as I made some not so great choices but what I remember was not eating.  I do know on Sunday's (Lent's "cheat day") I would eat a Snickers and drink a Pepsi.  I would do maybe 100 sit ups a day and 40 push ups and I'd "jog" a few times a week, mile to a mile and a half maybe.  While I smoked, yup, stupid huh?  I'd literally smoke (things) while I jogged, that doesn't even kind of make sense.  And at least every Friday night and sometimes Saturday nights we'd go out and dance until we couldn't dance anymore.  I worked 40 hours a week at my primary job and often would work 15 hours a week at another job, I was busy, and busy I like.  Oh, and I definitely don't remember eating, other than the Snickers.  But I lost the weight and thought I felt amazing...even though I had no lung capacity and no short term memory, but, hey whatever, I looked good right?  Well, when you're 21/22 that's kind of what's mostly important.  That's not really my priority now.  Now I want energy and health and I want to remember every moment with my kids. 

Maybe the lesson I can take from it is putting God in the center of my journey.  I know it sounds like that was never my intention during that time of my life, my lifestyle was crazy but the root of my beginning was a symbol of the 40 days and nights Jesus was in the dessert being tempted.  My life is crazy in a totally different way now, happy crazy maybe?  I'm looking forward to what God has to reveal to me as I continue.
91 days to go (from Friday)!

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