Monday, March 14, 2011


For those of you who do not know what a "chub rub" is, let me explain.  It is when your thighs rub together and do one of two things, well three things I guess.  First, if you have on shorter shorts/skirts/dresses it'll cause your thighs to rub together and then give you a chub rub rash where they rub together, it's very unpleasant.  Second, if you have on longer shorts, they cause your shorts to ride up your inner legs and like every 2 or 3 steps you have to do this super fancy footwork to try to work it out of your upper thighs without it really look like that's what you're doing, or use your hands to pull it down, but that's really noticeable, so the fancy footwork is really best.  Or third, it's when your thighs rub together and cause thinning in jeans/Capri's and then it eventually rubs through..leaving holes and what not...which means, basically ruining the clothes. 

So, I have experienced all these chub rubs my entire life, in various forms, and I'm pretty much an expert at the fancy footwork to get the shorts out of my frontal wedgie.  However, it being winter that hasn't really been much of an issue.  I have wore skirt/dress maybe once in the last 6 months but only in situations I would not be walking church and so it didn't really bother me.  But this is pretty much the main reason I don't currently wear skirts/dresses.  However, the chub rubs through jeans have been a major problem lately.  I don't really buy myself clothes, I hate clothes shopping, pretty much true of anyone who's been here before.  No clothes fit the way I like it, I don't really want to know what size I am, plus I prefer to spend money on other people.  So I've had pretty much the same jeans forever!  (I did break down and buy a pair maybe 2 months ago, I don't really like the way they fit so I haven't wore them much.)  I've had 2 pair that fit how I like them, they were nice and stretched out, I wore them through most of both of my pregnancies.  Making them at least 4ish years old.  Well, I chub rubbed through both of them in the last 2 weeks.  It was pretty major, especially considering my "going down" pants don't quite fit me yet either.  So, one of my "going down" jeans sort of fit since I lost 14 pounds and I started wearing them, with baggy shirts...I totally chub rubbed right through them a few days ago.  They were already thin from the years before.  THEN I found another pair that I was pretty sure would fit, they were some of my bigger "going down" jeans, I pulled them out, I didn't even have to wear them, they already had a chub rub...I think in the closet they just said to themselves "I am NOT going to be squeezed around that booty and those thighs, I'd rather go in the trash" and just formed a hole all by itself.  That's four pairs in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!  So, now I have the jeans I bought a couple months ago that I don't really like, but they kind of fit, they basically sit to high on my waist and anything higher than my upper hips drives me CRAZY!  Has my entire life, when I was younger my mom would buy me men's jeans because they said on my hips right and girls jeans didn't (before hip huggers came back in).  And I have another pair of tight "going down" jeans, which have to be worn with baggy shirts.  Unfortunately I'm running out of baggy shirts, rotating 3 or 4 is getting a little difficult, plus most of them are either just beat up t-shirts or winter-y shirts, so in a couple weeks, they won't really fly.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE jeans, tank tops and flip flops.  (One day I'm going to write an 'ode' to jeans, flip flops and tank tops...because it's pretty much my favorite thing to wear.)  But the "new" jeans and the "going down" jeans will NOT support this, unless I loss some more weight!  The tank tops are not very forgiving...

This has all honestly become a frustrating place to be in.  No, I am not going to buy more jeans right now.  I have a few more "going down" jeans that will DEFINITELY not work right now, but soon, very very soon!  Anyway, I kind of just needed to get this off my chest, speaking of which, that's were I'm losing the most inches...a mother's body is a cruel, cruel beast!

I started P90X.  Okay, I know, okay I don't know.  Here's the thing.  It obviously works.  A friend of mine's husband did it and got amazing results and another friends husband is doing it right now and likes it so far.  Plus it's fun talking to him about the silliness of it.  It's silly because it's like it's own little world of crazy exercise people.   And I've done it off and on for a few months.  I finally settled on P90X "Doubles".  Here's what I did, because I need this weight off like yesterday.... The actual "doubles" part of the work out didn't start until week 4..well I don't have 4 weeks so I started the doubles today.  I made my own routine basically.  I got rid of any yoga, I like yoga, but right now I want to save the yoga for "maintaining" and for something extra, not for the only work out in a day.  I would like to say though, I did like 10 actual sit ups...they are called ..okay I don't remember honestly.   But it's like a V-up, cross your hand over to the opposite foot, then roll half way back and do another sit up with your legs in the air, they are HARD...3 weeks ago I totally did those as crunches, but today I actually touched my opposite toe.  So proud of that!!!  Everyday I get stronger.  I'm not keeping track of how many reps I'm doing or the weights I'm using, not sure why, but I'm just not.  I only have 5 pound dumbbells and 15 pound dumbbells, so it gets a little difficult to find that happy spot on some of the work outs but I make it work!

Did AMAZING on my calories today.  Even stopped and bought Jeremy and the babies fast food and I waited to eat until I got home!  I did not get up early today, it's something really hard for me.  But I really need to.  I get so irritable when I have to save nap time for work outs, especially when I'm trying to do 2 in a day!  So, anyway that's whats up with me this week.  I keep thinking about going to Memphis with my gorgeous best friend and taking pictures and not being satisfied with any of the pictures because I hate the way I look.  So, even though I won't be at my end goal, just feeling somewhat better about myself, feeling stronger, more confident and just lighter will just make the trip that much more enjoyable.

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  1. WTG girlfriend! I know you said you don't want to shop right now, but I just got a coupon for 30% off @ kohls. Let me know if you want to go. Btw... I laughed out loud at the chub rub. I can totally relate, even now!