Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 12 Weigh In

Friday was my 12th weigh in.  I would have loved to say that I've lost a consistent 3 pounds a week and was now at 36 pounds, only 2 away from my original/first goal.  But, unfortunately, I have not lost 3 pounds consistently, as I'm way more complicated that I thought.

But, the good news, I lost 2.5 pounds last week!!!!  One of my best weeks yet!  A total of 18.4 pounds!!!  And my food choices definitely could have been better, which sort of makes me mad at myself.  It just makes me think that if I would have been a little more careful I would have had an even bigger number, so this week I'm trying to do just that.  And I skipped Ab Ripper X at least once and I think missed at least one other work out, so this week I am not missing any work outs.

It feels pretty good to have almost 20 pounds off and I know this week I'll hit that 20 pound mark, or even better.   I have 4 1/2 weeks until BSMF, so another 10 - 15 pounds off would be awesome!!  Not what I want it to be, but at least better.  I already definitely have more confidence and have found even a few more jeans/pants that'll fit.  I measured myself and I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong with this measuring.  I don't really know where to hold the tape, so I might enlist the help of my husband this week.  I didn't measure myself on Jan 1 like I should have either, but that's okay.

I have this stack of clothes I pulled out when going through my clothes the other day.  They are my "man I hope these fit for BSMF."  Which is pretty motivational considering the last time they fit was 10 pounds BELOW my goal...  But we'll see, my body is totally different now after having 2 babies and I'm working out harder than I ever have.

This blog has made me more accountable that I thought.  People are telling me they are reading it when I didn't even know and then talking to me about what they are going through and I LOVE it!! And encouraging me to try different things, which I also LOVE! 
I have 42 days until my birthday (since last Friday), only 35 days until BSMF.  Don't worry I won't lose my motivation after either.  Picking up a 15 pound weight is HARD and to imagine that I carried that around PLUS a few pounds just in January.  Ugh, I can't imagine what about 50 pounds is going to feel like.  Well, I can...liberating!!!!!

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