Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A non-practicing Catholic's Lent Decision

For as long as I can remember I've crossed my right leg over top of my left leg.  As a fatty (I'm okay with using this word, don't worry) it's not always pretty when I do it, but whatever, I'm a lady (not so much!).  Anyway, I can't really cross my left leg over my right, will this change when I loss weight?  I don't exactly remember if I was able to do both when I was thinner...I think I was..but I'm excited to find out if I can!!

And, as for those you don't know, I was raised Catholic.  I'm not Catholic anymore, by choice, and I'm totally fine if you are!  Anyway, next week starts Lent.  This is what I remember about Lent, it's something that Catholics observe to honor the 40 days and nights that Jesus was tempted in the dessert, leading up to His death and resurrection on the cross.  Now, I'm all about observing this.  I am always tempted, food is my nemesis and I do not fair as well against food as Jesus did against the devil himself and if Jesus can do it, I know I can, as He was human just as I am.  During lent you're supposed to sacrifice something.  During lent you don't eat meat on Fridays either.  Oh and on Sundays, whatever you gave up for lent you may now have again.  For example, as a kid we gave up TV - I know that's like insane right?!?!  We gave up TV on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and that time was totally family time.  Usually spent playing board games and doing puzzles with my mom, wrestling with my dad, those sort of things (man, I have so much to learn from my parents still).  On Fridays we spent the entire night at the KC Hall helping with the Fish Fry's so that wasn't really a big deal (oh memoriesssssssssss).  Anyway, I remember once in like 6th grade or so I gave up chips.  I loved chips, we only ever had plain off brand chips or off brand Doritos, that's all we ever had in our house but I loved them.  So I gave them up.  Oh and there's something to do with the 12 stations of the cross, which bare resemblance to 12 important steps in Jesus' journey to His death and resurrection.  Being tempted by the devil three times, the good Samaritan coming to help Him carry the cross, things of that nature.  And there's incense involved during the 12 stations of the cross, some rosary praying, things of that sort.  Those are the sort of thing that is confusing to me, the religious stuff I guess....but this isn't about that, so moving on!!

When I lost a bunch of weight, it started right at lent, which was an "early lent" (I don't really get why Easter is never the same, something to do with something....) and I decided, even though I wasn't a practicing Catholic I was going to give up something and I gave up sugar and salt.  And to be completely honest I doubt that I actually gave those things completely up, but that was my intention.  I dont' really remember eating, except every Sunday I got a Pepsi and a Snickers.  So, as this Lent approaches and I'm still not a practicing Catholic, I'm trying to decide if I should give something up.  Just as a push...And kind of as an honor to God I guess.  So show Him gratitude for how far He's gotten me in life, for meeting me RIGHT where I'm at, for the sacrifice He made for me, for His never ending blessings, you know, those sort of awesome things!!!  The idea of soda has come through my head.  My sister left me her tea maker...that's right, I can't seem to figure out tea w/o a tea maker, it may have something to do with the fact that I don't have any clear pitchers...maybe, who knows!  Anyway, moving on.  So I've thought about soda, I've also thought about dairy products.  Okay, so I haven't had personal research on this, but I've heard great things about going dairy free.  I've also heard about gluton free, but I'm just not sure if I could pull that one off.  I'd also be totally okay with giving up meat on Fridays (maybe Thursdays, but it's not the ritual that matters, it's the meaning behind the observance, I guess, well, it sounds right.) 

So, at first, I wasn't going to even mention this to "anyone" because I was just going to do it, but we all know how far that has gotten me in the past.  I mean, I started this blog a few days before the New Year so I had some accountability even before I began.  And maybe that's what I'm doing now.  So, now I have to settle on what I'm giving up.  Along with the food part of things, I've thought about activities.  There are many activities that take up my time (this blog included honestly) that I could spend doing many other things.  But anyway, I am going to pray on this and see what God reveals to me.  I know there's food things that are going. 

Two days until a weigh in, not excited....  Did get to walk/jog outside today.

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