Saturday, December 25, 2010

The history...

The first title to this posting was "The History of my fatness" but one of the things I want to work on is how I talk about myself, and well, that's not very positive now is it??  We all stand in front of the mirror and pick apart every part of our body, or maybe just one part.  For me, it's every part!  I do love my hair, and I love my smile, but lately that's the extent of it.  I can find flaw in every part at this time, it's okay, I know I'm not alone.   But there were times in my life when I was happy with pretty much every part of it.

I cannot seem to pull this post together.  I've deleted it probably 5 times.  There's something very unsatisfying about drudging it all up.  Does it really matter if I was a fat kid or not?  Does it matter if I struggled with my weight for 5 years or 10 years or 15 years?  Isn't it all about playing the hand I've been dealt?  I mean, I did deal myself this's pretty much my own fault I'm here, so time to move onward!  I realize there's many situations in life that the hand was dealt for us, but isn't it about what we're doing with that hand now?  That's why there's always the option to trade a few cards in, life is not 5 card stud!  (I cannot believe I just referred to poker, especially considering, that was my entire poker knowledge in one sentence.)

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