Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

So, yesterday I walked on the treadmill 30 minutes and today I did some sit ups and some free weights!  It's not really anything to be too excited about, I could have pushed myself harder, but I did something, so I'll be proud of the something I did!  However.... it's Christmas, it's an excuse to stuff our faces right?  No, not so much but that's what we tell ourselves to lessen the shock of the scale in a couple days. 

My brother today said when he stopped at a gas station (to get scratch off tickets, it's sort of a Christmas tradition in our family), the cashier told him that the local Wal mart was OUT of soda!  I am a soda drinker, a diet soda drinker, not that any soda is a good thing but it's what I do.  I often try to cut back and, like all things in my life (until the near future), it only lasts a few days before I'm back to my old habits!  I have had no decision on how I will approach the diet sodas for the next year.   It's kind of like having a 3 year old and picking your battles.  If he wants to take his blankie in the car, why fight the battle?  If he wants to punch his sister for playing with his favorite car, that's a whole other story!  So, at this point, I'm choosing not to address this battle, I will, and maybe my outcome will not be the "recommended" one or the healthiest one or the one that you would choose, but that's okay.  If you choose not to drink soda, I would never judge you :)

Random thought for the day:  How HILARIOUS would it be to attach (or see someone else do it) one of those new "Shake 'em weights" to their ankles?  They would look like a dog after he pees!!  It's an awesome thought.  Someone should try it, tape it, and You Tube it!  Ready...set...go!  (These are things I would do, if I were not afraid of a camera at this moment...oh free spirited, goofy, follow through on every bad idea Dawn I will see you soon!!)

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