Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let's Pretend it's Yesterday

I had every intention to post yesterday and time just slipped away. So we will pretend that it's everyone pretending?

 First, I'd like to let it known that I did purchase a new pair of jeans...that fit!!  The size wasn't as gut wrenching as I had originally thought, so that's good, but it was definitely bigger than the "thinning thighs" jeans I've been wearing.  The new jeans said "skinny" jeans, which is pretty hilarious considering the size, but I thought that the legs would fit better inside my boots.  I was very mistaken, I still had the "boot pooch" that just isn't pretty.  I'll still do it sometimes, but the boot pooch is something I hope to avoid one day!  I guess the makers assume that because the size is bigger the wearers calves must be bigger, I don't know, it's my only logical guess at this point.  The jeans are cute, so I'm just glad to have jeans that don't feel like they are going to split getting into the car.

Secondly, I worked out, twice, to FitTV shows.  The first one was Weight Loss Workout "Pure Sculpt" with Violet Sahi (SP?).  It was 30 minutes, about 25 after commercials.  She's british, which makes her fun to listen to.  And she's totally ripped.  She had lots of great energy and none of the moves were so hard that I couldn't do them.  Plus, she had one girl doing the "modified" version of all the moves.   I was sweating at the end, so that's was good, she had occassional "cardio blasts".  I don't really have that much to say about it.

I then decided later in the day to try the Bollywood Dance show that I had recorded.  It looked so alluring on the commercials and I'm fairly coordinated so I was pretty sure I'd be awesome at it.  I was not awesome at it.  First, there was a voice over, which was insanely distracting.  And the Bollywood is high energy and a little silly when you're first doing it and the voice over was trying to be all calming and soothing, it didn't really mix.  I tried, I gave it 100% for about 6 minutes and then....I was done.  I have no issues looking silly, no one was around anyway, but I just didn't have it.  I will definitely give it another try in the future.  So, instead, I went to my tried and true 'Total Body Sculpt with Gilad" and it did the trick, lots of sweating and a silly buff man calling all the shots.

My food choices were not perfect, okay, let's stick with honesty, they weren't good.  Not terrible, but not good either.  It's fine, I will not feel the guilt or shame I have always felt in the past. 

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