Monday, January 31, 2011


I just got a craving for brownies and I mean a salivating, I can taste them craving!!!!  Really need to invest in some "diet" desserts or something.  I think I have a box brownie mix, I will not make them, I will not make them....

Yesterday was my amazing friend, Amy's birthday!  She's super encouraging and is hilarious.  She told me an awesome story that I need to relay.  We both had babies in Feb of last year, only 9 days apart.  This was her 3rd baby (my second), so a few months after her 3rd baby was born she was going to work and decided to put on a pair of pre pregnancy jeans.  Now, Amy is not by ANY means a fatty, she's super skinny and loves to run on the treadmill (yeah, it's really the only thing holding us back from being BFF's, she loves the treadmill and I hate it...).  So, she puts on the pre-pregnancy jeans and goes to work, she's a teacher.  They do not button or zip, but she decides to go to work anyway, with a big shirt on over them.  All day concerned that the jeans may have a mind of their own and end up at her knees, when she got to work she says to her teacher's assistant "ask me about my jeans."  It's basically beyond hilarious.  Amazing what we'll do for those pre-pregnancy pants!!! 

Yesterday I also watched "I Used To Be Fat" with Jordan.  That kid was awesome.  I relayed to the emotional eating that he was going through.  But this kid totally kicked butt.  He worked so hard and reached his goal day 55 of the 110 days he had, incredible!  What I would like to mention is his trainer, Joey, I can only guess that he was a major goofball and not completely serious with some of the stuff he did.  He showed Jordan "the boom" which was probably the funniest thing I've seen on TV in a long time.  And then "the stance" with "the boom" it was to pick up chicks and if some guy would have ever done this to me (which they never would have cause guys never really hit on me...even when I was thin..I'm pretty sure I was annoying beyond what I could comprehend) but anyway, if that would have happened, I probably would have had things come out of my nose from laughing so hard.  What I couldn't figure out if he was serious or not.  But I'd bet money that he was a goofball and by the end of the show Joey had become my favorite trainer thus far.  He was a mentor to this young kid who from what I could tell didn't have a father figure in his life.  Anyway, love him, I'd watch more of him.

What I forgot to say about my jog outside Saturday:  Normally I just jog/walk down the road I live on.  Even though we live in this amazing subdivision for walking I still would just go down my road.  Well after I went down my road and I was jamming to my iPod, I kept going.  And jogged all the way to this HUGE and I mean HUGE hill in our subdivision.  And decided on my way down, while listening to Gavin Degraw "I Don't want to be", that I was going to sprint up the hill.  I pushed and pushed and pushed and almost made it to the top, and I will conquer that hill soon, well, as soon as the weather will let me. 

Today I only did 1 work out, so tomorrow I have to get back on the ball.  Yesterday I actually worked out before church which was pretty great for me, but it felt good and I had lots of energy at church.


  1. Hey, speaking of brownies....Check out the Dr. Oz show website. There is a receipe for Rocco's brownies (I can't remember Rocco's last name, but he's a famous chef). The brownies are a little over 80 calories a serving...SERIOUSLY!!!!! They may just help with that craving.
    ...Then again, they may totally suck....I haven't made them yet.

  2. Actually, here's the link to save you some time.