Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Day after the weigh in

I am pretty self notorious for binging the day after a weigh in, especially a good weigh in.  But I did not do that today, and let me tell you, it was rough, especially since I came in pretty low in my calorie count!  I really can't thank this blog (lol@ me thanking an inanimate object) for causing me accountability and giving me a much needed creative outlet and therapy of sorts. 

Last night I didn't have my evening snack and left late to go visit a friend of mine and run a few errands.  I was kind of hungry and even considered picking up something while I was out but didn't.  I checked a bag of "fruit snacks" because they claim on the front "fat free" um....they are not calorie free, which is my biggest concern right now.  They sounded super yummy and even though it was 10pm I could have eaten them, but I made the choice not to.  Came home late, still wanting a snack but went to bed anyway.  And woke up definitely wanting a big breakfast, but again chose not to.  And chose to get on the treadmill before noon and this time I for real jogged some!!  I even did intervals for a while, jogging a 6mph, which, is insanely fast for me and my short legs.

So, here's my funny story.  Sometime in the fall (maybe late summer, I'm not sure) I was going for a walk/jog around my subdivision.  I usually go down my road and past our lake, I would pay extra HOA fees to have a path all the way around the lake, but alas, there's not.   Anyway, I jogged down the road, turned around and headed back.  I was coming up on an older gentleman (had to be in his late 70's...) and he was outside shoveling sand into his ditch probably to help with the water drainage issue.  Yes, you heard me right.  I took out my ear bud to say 'hi', since I don't really know my neighbors (that's sad) I usually try to say hi and look for an opportunity to talk to them.  He said to me and I quote "Nice day for a slow walk."  I just nodded ("Ummm...hellooo...I'm jogging, not slow walking.")  And then he asks "Do you try to slow walk everyday?"  ("Is this really happening?  I'd like to see you jog...geez.") So I reply "Yeah, I try to jog pretty much everyday."  Totally emphasizing the jog.  And he says, "It's good for ya.  Well, have a good slow walk."  ("That did not just happen!!  This old man was either totally making fun of me and my pathetic jog...yes, I'm a slow jogger, I'm totally aware of this...but I was definitely jogging, walking with a hop!  OR he was blind, I mean that's possible right?")  So, I just kept jogging until he couldn't see me anymore and then I walked...slow.  What a butthead!

At lunch today I had a frozen Michelina's meal.  I realize that most nutrionist and trainers would really encourage not eating processed foods and eating as much fresh produce and possible, but when you're a single income with seven people in your house and you only grocery shop once a month it's really hard to work out.  So I work with what I've got.  Which I think is so important when people are trying to make changes in their lives.  I mean, say you're trying to pay off your bills faster, of course it would be ideal to pay an extra $100/month toward a credit card, but if you only have an extra $20/month that's something, that's great!  Or if one month you blow a tire and have to replace it and you can only put $10/month for that month, do whatever is best for you!  Do whatever you can work with!  You don't have to do what the "experts" suggest or what everyone else has done, just work with what you got!

I only did the one work out today, I'm not really sure where the time went today.  I guess after the treadmill it just wasn't a priority and it needs to be.  As I said earlier I came in pretty low in my calorie count today, I don't have a specific number that I try to hit, but I try to have a general idea of the amount I'm eating.  As I've said a million times, it's all about making different choices.

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