Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm opstomistic (HA!)

(Yes I know the title makes no sense!)

So, I did it.  We had a crazy night glast night oing out and doing shopping so everyone's schedule was a little off.  Baby girl woke up at 7:30, but decided to go back to bed by 8:30.  So, even though I had set my alarm for 6am and totally ignored it (yes, I'm going to keep setting it and eventually I'll get sick of turning it off and actually get least that's the plan).

After she laid down I did a "Dance and Be Fit" Sexy Sculpt: Abs Burn.  It did not burn my abs, but I'm not so sure I was doing it right.  I mean, I am an awesome dancer, but it's a lot harder to move your hips when there's jiggliness surrounding them.   And a lot harder to "engage your core" when I'm trying to learn dance moves too.  So, these "Dance and Be Fit"s are good for getting my heart rate up, which is important, but I'm not so sure they help with the sweating, which I need.  Feels good to sweat!

Then I got on the treadmill for 20 minutes!  Why I didn't push myself harder I do not know.  I did jog for a good 2 minutes, a few times, okay twice, okay once...geez quit being so questiony....and well, it was definitely a slow jog.  Then I decided to get on the scale and I'll be completely honest, I got on the scale yesterday...afternoon..bad idea.  We had made kind of a last minute decision to start our grocery shopping and I knew we'd go out to eat.  Even though I was planning on being well behaved with my food choices (and I was) I got on the scale because I was worried eating late or eating out at all would mess things up.  I had already eaten breakfast at this point yesterday and obviously consumed liquid so when I got on the scale I was pretty disappointed with a 2 pound weight loss.  I tried to just remind myself any weight loss is good and move on.  But it bugged me all night.  Plus we were grocery shopping, I was starving and I didn't have a good day on the scale and I honestly wanted to just buy a bunch of junk, go home and eat it!  But I didn't!

After the treadmill this morning I got on the scale and I was pretty sure it would be the same result as the afternoon before.  It wasn't!!!!  I lost 4.4 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY for me :)  It was definitely exciting.  I was hoping for a good 6 pound week, being my first week but I look back and know I could have pushed harder with the workouts and I could have chosen not to eat the waffles and maybe had a bigger number but I'm totally proud of my 4.4 pounds!!  It gives me motivation to move on this week, to sweat a little more and continue with the good food choices.

On the episode I watched last night on "I Used To Be Fat" I was first extremely annoyed with the girl.  She had such an opportunity with a trainer and no responsiblities...take it and run sister!!!  But she grew on me as the show continued.  At the end of the show, the joy in her eyes, the joy in her voice, the way she carried herself...I want that feeling!  I can't wait for that feeling!

I have a really great story planned for tomorrow!  YAY for me and my 4.4 pounds, so proud, so ready for next week!

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  1. Yay for you ! I've been reading and you're helping me get motivated again !