Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Naming it

Apparently a weight loss blog is not as original as I had thought.  There's a million of them out there, however, I'm fairly certain mine if the funniest.  Well, maybe the least serious.   There goes all my hopes and dreams of doing my media tour because of my amazing idea!  I guess I'll never meet Matt Lauer or Ellen Degeneres now!!  Plus, "Losing it" is probably the most common name.  Which, I'd just like to let it known that "Losing it" has a double meaning for me (there is a bigger word I wanted to use, but I can barely say it right, so spelling it, is kind of out of the question).  First, losing it, obviously means, losing the weight.  But losing it means other things like...losing my mind, cause that happens sometimes.  It also means losing expectations I've put on myself or other people have placed on me (knowingly or not), it means losing the ideas of how weight loss has to be done, different things work for different people.  Obviously (I can only spell that word if I start from the very beginning...just like definitely...weird), calories in versus calories out is true for everyone but other than it how you do it!  Anyway, so I'm actively seeking a new name for my blog.

Well, the exhaustion is unreal today!  I took step son to school and had to wait there 45 minutes to get their bags checked by the police, since it's a school sponsored event they had to be pre-checked before leaving for the airport.  Got home, and even though I was tired, I forced myself on the treadmill for 25 minutes.  Right now, the goal on the treamill is 2 miles in 30 minutes, which is huge for me.  I haven't gotten there yet, but I'm doing better!  Then I came into the living room, read my daily Bible, then was going to work out with good ole Gilad, but we're doing stuff with our satellite, and even though they still hadn't turned it off last night at 1, it was turned off this morning at 6/6:30.  I knew only getting less than 4 hours of sleep and pushing another workout probably was going to exhaust my body beyond good, so I instead decided to really try for the 1000 sit ups today.    Oh, my current treadmill movie is Hitch.  Everytime I watch Eva Mendez get kicked in the face while on the waverunner I crack up!!  It's honestly hilarious! 

Tonight is church, so it'll be interesting if I can stay awake long enough after we get back to publish this post, I'm sure I can.  I actually "stole" (it's not really stealing...we're married) one of my husbands "Sugar Free Monsters".  I tried coffee, I really wish I liked coffee, but I just like the way it smells, not tastes.

At the end of the night I've done a total of 700 sit ups today.  I can't even believe I'm up right now.  I do know that despite that I was exhausted, it felt amazing to have my work out done first thing in the morning.  During nap time I cleaned out the linen closet and washed some of the bedding, okay not as productive as I could have been, but it was definitely nice not having to worry about jumping on a work out the second baby girl laid down.  So, alarm is set for tomorrow, we shall see if I can roll out of bed.  Pretty sure husband won't be a fan of me waking him up to get on the treadmill in our room, but he's very supportive so he won't put up too much of a fuss!

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