Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vanna White and Spring Tease!

It sounded like a Spring Thaw outside, it looked like a Spring Thaw outside and it felt like the beginning of a Spring Thaw outside and it was a big fat tease!!!  We all know the mess that's going to hit next week - eeeeeekkk!  However, I got to jog outside and it felt AMAZING!!!  I haven't felt that amazing working out since I started this.  And it sort of reinforced how much I actually hate the treadmill.  I jogged for so long, 45 minutes (there were a few moments of walking in there) and it was possibly closer to an hour, I didn't exactly look at the clock when I left and I seriously felt like I could have kept going.  Even with the temperature outside I even sweat.  The only reason I didn't keep going was because I still had stuff to do at home, I probably should have kept felt that good.  I actually also did a 45 minute yoga work out, I had to stop half way through but finished up while everyone was eating lunch.  Since I don't exactly know how to do yoga, I'm kind of worried I might have kinked my back pushing myself a little hard.  But it'll be fine in the morning.

On my jog, I was thinking, I'd like to "act out" the song "We are the Pirates who don't do Anything" by Relient K - yes, from The Veggie Tales Movie!   I want to act it out with two other super fun people, have someone else super fun record it and then I know two great video editors and then it would be awesome!  Anyway, it just sounds like a lot of fun and it's these exact ideas that I would have totally done when I felt like myself and today, I felt a bit like myself!  Yup, gonna have more great ideas, or bad ones, that's fine too and then actually do them.  Cannot wait!!

Here's something you may not have known about me, and it's pretty awesome to say the least.  I wanted to be Vanna White when I was a kid and I mean REALLY wanted to be her.  I loved writing my name all over everything I owned, much to the dismay of my sister, who liked things to be neat and clean and organized and just not messed with really.  And well, I'd often write "Vanna White" in my books, or possibly her books.  I'm not really sure why, other than I wanted to be her and I practiced...a lot, but maybe I thought that if I wrote Vanna White in the books my sister would think Vanna White herself actually did it.  My sister may not even know this but I was convinced that Vanna White wasnt' really her name, that any girl who did that job would be called Vanna White.  So when I get that job my name will actually be Vanna White.  Now, you may just have realized how awesome I've always been.

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