Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks for coming through for me endorphins!!

There is not any part of me that wants to work out today.  When that happens I know I cannot get on the treadmill first because I'll just walk the entire time at like 3.0 which isn't much of a work out.  I mean it all helps don't get me wrong, but walking for 30 minutes at 3.0 seems like a bit of a waste of time to me considering the weight I need to lose.  It's also not helpful when I lay babygirl down for her morning nap and she is not falling asleep.

Last night I didn't stay up for "me" time.  I knew that if I did, I'd eat, probably binge a little bit.  I honestly wish I could just sleep until the 24th.  But that's not an option.  I will apologize in advance for a week where my entries may not reflect my shining personality.

Well, I finally started a workout, it was on BYU TV, which I don't even know what that channel is.  At first I thought it was going to be an infomercial but it was an hour work out.  It only took me 2 hours to complete because my children were very uncooperative today.  I will not be able to do a second work out so I'm pushing through as many sit ups as I can.  As now, it is 3pm and baby girl has shown no interest in a nap today.  And I can't take her with me to get on the treadmill because I'm pretty sure I'll rip her arm off, at least that's what happens in my head when I think about it.  She waddles over to me, puts her hands on the spinny belt and ta-da I step on her hand and then it flings backwards and she gets sucked under the treadmill, trapped between the wall and the spinning belt.  So, yeah I have a pretty vivid imagination. 

So on the workout, which I forgot to write down the name, it was actually pretty good.  I sweated, which is important and I struggled with a few things.  However, she used lots of equipment that I don't have.  She used these "discs" then suggested that if you don't have them to use paper plates.  Well, the paper plates only kind of worked, so I just used my socks, I tend to not wear shoes when I work out, unless of course I'm outside or on the treadmill!  It did make some of the moves less jarring but it was weird.  They are used to put them under your feet and slide into lunges and things like that.  Anyway, I will probably record these again.  It took me two hours because the following things happened: baby girl refused to take a nap, so I had to pick her up and lay her down twice, little man tackled baby girl so I had to chase him through the house at least twice, baby girl kept getting behind me when I was sliding back into my lunges and I'd knock her over, then I'd have to pick her up and comfort her, phone rang at least twice with no one on the other end, there was at least one butt wipe and one diaper change.    So, I guess 2 hours isn't that bad after all. 

Big snow storm coming in, spring I neeeeeeed you!!!  Because of the big snow we did not attend church this evening.  We have been 35 minutes away at church twice this year when a bad storm has hit, so we kind of made the decision to be safe this time and not really risk it.  It's a good thing we didn't because by the time we would have gotten home from church our house had 2 -3 inches! Good choice, good choice.  Even though I REALLY could have used a Wednesday night refresher!

My belly felt a little icky this afternoon, just not hungry, a little nauseous (thanks Jessie Dunn for the spelling) but just icky in general.  Then some junk happened at my house, which junk happens at everyone's house really, so I know I'm not some "special case" and would never say I am.  Anyway, now that I had the time in the day, since we weren't going to church, I thought "Hmm, I could get on the treadmill" even though I felt yucky.  ORRRR I could lay around, hope my belly feels better and eat some crap because I have no coping with junk skills.  I choose the treadmill and I totally kicked butt on it.  I mean, like really beat it up, jogged more than I have in months, actually probably years!!!!  And I felt so amazing when I got off the treadmill.  Those endorphins really came through for me.  When I got off, I did end up laying on the couch trying to get my belly to calm down, because I was still feeling a little icky.  After 20 minutes or so I ate a PB and J sandwich on diet bread and an apple. 

Tomorrow, I will beat my treadmill up again, and I have another 1000 sit up goal day since Friday is the 3rd weigh in!!!  I feel a little hesitant about this one with the sadness I have this week and the stress (does anyone else feel like this word is over used a little?  maybe I should change my word to change my attitude....)

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