Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 4 Weigh In

I honestly can't believe it, but I lost a pound this week which meansTEN POUNDS total!  Hurray for me!  Only by the grace of God did that happen this week.  I'm pretty sure He knew what He was doing because it totally re-invigorated me!  I cleaned like a crazy person today, and I sweat doing it (okay, seriously is it sweat or sweated??).  And did a kickboxing video and felt great after doing it!  And did 20 minutes on the treadmill before I got on the scale this morning.  I actually wanted to do an hour yoga work out that I had recorded just because the other day it felt so amazing, so hopefully tomorrow I will have the time to do it.   Imagine what I would do with an actual trainer or gym membership, I think I would totally kick even more butt.  However, I'm okay with doing it without those things.

98 days left until my first goal date!  Need to lose about 1/3 a pound a day, which doesn't seem like a lot but I'm trying not to think about how hard it really is. 

I guess what was ironic about today was that even though my little ones are kind of a handful they seemed easier to handle today even though I was doing stuff all day.  Whenever I sit down to watch tv or play on the computer they immediately are all up in my business.  Or, exercise of course they want to be up in it.  So, again, not easy to clean with a 1 and a 3 year old, but it worked out.  Luckily little girl did both of her naps today and I think I finally figured out whey she wasn't taking two naps a day last week because I got a peak at her 3rd tooth today. 

I talked about jumping jacks yesterday and here's the truth of my work out gear.  First, I don't really own work out clothes, well, I own a TON  of lounge pants, because well when I refuse to acknowledge my actual size for as long as I have, lounge pants are always forgiving.  And they are sized in letters, not numbers, so it seems less painful.  So I work out in my lounge pants and t-shirts and unless I'm on the treadmill I dont' wear socks or shoes.  And I always, no matter what I'm doing wear two bras, yup, two.  A sports bra that has definitely seen it's day and usually just another everyday bra.  It's silly really but totally necessary, I'll be glad for the day I only need one!

Maybe that was TMI, but that's okay, I'm getting pretty used to sharing more than I probably should!

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