Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have a confession to make

I have a confession to make, last night, the craving for sweets was unreal, so I grabbed a few cookies and they were quite yummy.    I'm not ashamed of what I did by any means, it's in my full right to have a few cookies.  Here's the weird thing, and I always thought this was such a sham when I heard people say this but it's so true.  I was sick to my stomach after I ate them.  I had to lay down on the couch and I pretty much just laid there because I was so queasy.  Funny thing, I want cookies again but I'm not gonna eat them.  I have carrots right now, I'm kind of craving good stuff right now...weird.  I hope this is a step in the right direction.

I did not work out today, I have worked out everyday for the past 2 weeks, so I gave myself the day off.  I really want to be getting up early to do this but, like I've said a million times, I love the late night quiet time. 

I'm coming upon a really hard time of year for myself.  The anniversary of a lot of deaths hit this month.  It's commonly my binge month, but I am going to find new ways to cope.  Pretty much exactly like a drug addict, coping skills....  I'm hoping my favorite coping skill will be exercise (a girl can dream right?)!

I'm very grateful for all the people who have let me know that they are struggling with this also.  So many people I never would have thought had issues in this area are telling me that they are going through the same things. 

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  1. Hey Dawn, losing weight is such a rough thing to do. I think eating healther is so much harder when your 1. On a budget and 2. So set in your ways its hard to get out of the rut. That's the same thing for a diabetic.. you go from eating what you want to having to watch what you eat all the time. I went from regular soda and never eating sweets to diet and CRAVE sweets. Lucky for me its.. well... around that time of the month! Lol. I think you doing this is an awesome thing. You can see where you were to what I know, your going to be. I think once your 5months are up, your going to have a total different view on what u eat and ur healther lifestyle changes. Here's to the new year! And the new Dawn!