Monday, January 10, 2011

This is so embarassing

Well, it's only going to be embarrassing if I actually tell you the name of the movie I'm about to talk about!

I was up late last night watching some movies I had recorded from the free Showtime weekend we had.  One of the movies was made in 2002, which was probably the year I was at my best.  The movie about some girls going on a road trip to basically get some answers in their life made me start thinking about myself in 2002.  Whether or not I was thin, which I was, it was pretty awesome, the year was so great.  I actually went on a road trip with my best girl friend and my best guy friend and in the weirdest sort of way had some things answered within my Spirit.  "It's gonna rain, man" is probably the sentence that stuck with me the most from that weekend almost 9 years ago, I interpreted it as "It's gonna reign, man" and often quote that when things aren't looking so great in different areas of my life.  Not only did I have this awesome road trip and I was the thinnest (probably not the healthiest), I was the most myself.  I, also, met my now husband in the fall of that year.  So the movie, just being made in 2002, gave me some motivation. 

But, in this movie, the main character wears a few shirts that bare her stomach and well, I remembered this interview I saw of her some years ago and she talked about doing 1000 sit ups/crunches a day (she even demonstrated some of them on the show) and she did 3 miles of cardio (I can't remember if she said she jogged or what, but I definitely remember the 3 miles a day thing).  She's also a dancer, so I'm well aware that she probably spends a lot of her time in a studio somewhere dancing, but vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms is like dancing...right?  Anyway, I went to bed last night unbelievably motivated to get on the ball today.  I set the alarm for 6am, even though I went to bed super late, I can always nap later.  Baby girl woke up at 5:58, (how do they know???) so I reset the alarm for 6:30 and apparently turned it off instead of resetting it, when I really should have just stayed up and started working out.  I wasn't mad when I woke up, not entirely.  I really want to do this and exercise in the morning so I can use nap time to do other things, like re-learn the guitar and other wifey/mommy duties or naps. But I did start the 1000 crunches a day, and I did real push ups today, no girlie push ups!!  At the end of the night I have done only 300 of the 1000 sit ups I intended to do, it's a lot harder than it sounds...

After I woke up somewhat disappointed, not mad or anything, I was making the kiddos waffles and well, I love waffles, I mean really love them and I had a few last week but I knew if I had waffles this morning it would just not start the week off like I want.  Mondays are generally hard for me and starting off with waffles would just not set the right tone for the day, so I did not choose waffles.

As soon as baby girl laid down for her nap I got on the treadmill.  I have been doing a TV work out first in the morning, then doing the treadmill in the afternoon and I'm pretty lazy on the treadmill.  So this morning I decided to get on the treadmill for the morning work out.  I was still somewhat motivated from the movie I watched the night before.  I can't exactly pinpoint what motivated me from the movie, but rekindling some lost friendships, really working toward some goals/dreams I have for myself and being free to be myself, something about it just inspired me and honestly I'll take any inspiration at this point!  So I kicked my own butt on the treadmill and it felt amazing.  I did interval jogging and at the end I was sweating a lot, which is what I like.  I had just finished eating lunch when the UPS guy stopped and handed me an amazing package.  A friend of mine had sent me "Sweatin' to the Oldies" 20th anniversary edition on DVD!  How amazingly sweet is that??  So, for the afternoon I worked out to the first DVD.

We had to do that in grade school for PE sometimes.  I went to a private grade school so our PE teachers were either volunteers or our own teacher.  Well, my mom was the PE teacher for a while and I know she had us work out to these, and my 8th grade teacher did also.  Now, I truly know why I hated exercise as a kid. Now, it's hilarious and I love it!  At 11 - 13 it was horrible, songs we probably hated at that age and moves that were silly.  Now, again, so excited to have these and use them.  I will definitely write more about them soon, as Richard Simmons is insanely hilarious.  He actually says in one interview that he wants to be our jester, he sees us as a king or queen and wants to be our court jester.  So he totally doesn't mind that I am laughing at him.  The clothes were awesome, stone washed jeans and this one dude had on a bommer (I have no idea how to spell that) jacket..yesssss!!! 

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