Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hanging at my dad's

I spent the day with my sister and dad at my dad's house taking a bunch of boxes of 'keepsakes' and just going through them.  My mom basically kept everything we ever did!!!!  We found almost every old birthday, valentines, Easter, Christmas, etc card that we ever wrote to our parents, they wrote to each other or people wrote to us.  All our old school papers, which were HILARIOUS.  We often made each other birthday cards, and they were awesome!!  I really hope that my kids makes me cards all the time when they are old enough to, I loved looking at them... 

We laughed, a lot, but deep down there was a tinge of sadness.  I even found a note I wrote my mom when I was really little that said "I hope you're my mom forever."  And obviously she is, but it was still sad. 

My dad made a turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and stuffing.  Which is probably my favorite meal, right next to roast, potatoes and corn or green beans!!!  It was hard not gorgeing myself, but I didn't and I desperately wanted to.  I even went over there with a sandwich I made before I left just in case someone suggested going to get something to eat, I wouldn't choose that right now.  So I had that for lunch and then came home and ate my sandwich for dinner. 

I did work out for an hour to the BYU tv work out before I left, which, again she used some equipment I don't have, but they show modifications so that's good.  I'm thinking that once garage sale season starts I'll be able to find some of these equipment!  I did have to pause twice, but it's okay, I pushed through.  I thought about getting on the treadmill when I got home, but I didn't.  It's okay, I'm definitely going to push this week.  I don't have this sense of entitlement right now "this is the anniversary of my mom's death I'm entitled to eat whatever I want."  Or "I've lost 9 pounds, I'm entitled to treat myself."  A sense of entitlement is probably one of my least favorite traits in people.  And it seems to be showing up more and more.

I hope one day I'll be able to wear a pencil skirt :)

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