Thursday, January 13, 2011

I did it!

I was a little worried the editor wasn't going to load tonight, but success! 

I did it!  I did 1000 sit ups today!  It was honestly, annoying, but after I was done, I was very proud.  I do them in sets of 50 - 100 and try not to leave anymore than an hour between the sets.  Of course, the day gets busy and I'll often forget.  I did probably 300 before noon then forgot for a couple hours.  My husband did them with me.  I'm going to try to do this more often, even though my abs aren't sore, it does keep my metabolism up and if I get hungry it'll curb that craving for a little bit.

I also did 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning, not as many intervals as the past few days but I still sweat.  And I did a Denise Austin: Cardio Workout.  Also some sweat, which is a good thing.  My food choices were really good.  Even picked up Jack In The Box for the rest of the house and came home and ate a sandwich (on diet bread, with diet cheese) and some left over noodles, not many.  Noodles are not always a great choice, but I was hungry and only ate 1/4 cup to a 1/2 cup.  But after I ate them I remembered I'm weighing in tomorrow and I did not want to eat noodles today.  However, it was for lunch and it wasn't much so I think it'll be fine.

Not only do we hit a emotional time right now, but it's also the beginning of five months of birthdays in our house.  Six birthdays in five months, it's pretty insane.  So, even though I believe all things in moderation, I will probably research cake options, maybe a cupcake with lite whipped cream for frosting?  We'll see.  Plus, since I'm always the cook I can always make options for myself.

The alarm is again set for early, I really need to getup and work out before I weigh in.  So, that means I should probably crash out!!!


  1. Hi There,

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    Awesome job on your success!
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  2. Use applesauce instead of vegetable oil to save calories when baking. I believe you double the amount of applesauce to be comparable to the oil.

  3. Thanks!! I'll definitely have to try that. I'm thinking maybe by then I'll be strong enough to make a cake for everyone else and maybe a fruit salad for myself and whoever else would want it. BUT I'm pretty sure I'll have to use applesauce LOL